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We have scripts in development, full length stories in many
different genres, and a finished 90 minute Western that would
please the John Wayne or Louis L'Amour conisseur.
O'Flaherty Productions

Gned's - Evening Music story in production.

With the popularity of Tess O'Flaherty's new book, Gned The
Knowledgeable Gnome,
one of the stories, The Evening
Music, is in production.  It will come out on DVD and be sent to
select major production companies for possible sale as an
animated series.  Tess is already writing five more stories for
a second volume, and the illustrator and animator are hard at
work ...
Our products are great for young and old
In business here and there for over 20 years
E-mail : tim@oflahertyproductions.com
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.At O'Flaherty Productions, we develop great stories and use
many art forms to express them.  Our tales are strong in
timber and old-fashioned in tone, as we strive to express
universal truths for all to enjoy.
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Riding in an Airplane

Small short about two boys imagining flying a big jet..
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Gned's Evening Music
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Riding In An Airplane
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